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GatorHyde Spray-On Protective Coatings!

Industry Leader in “FAST SET” Spray Applied Polyurea & Polyurethanes 

GatorHyde RAPID CURING Protective Coatings was originally founded over 10 years ago by a company in Oklahoma with over 25 years’ experience in developing polyurea and polyurethane technologies. In December 2010, GatorHyde was acquired by CHEMLINE, INC., a manufacturer of elastomeric coatings in Saint Louis, Missouri. Today, the entire family of GatorHyde high pressure, spray-on coatings is produced from CHEMLINE’S 140,000 square foot, Saint Louis, blending facility.

Since the acquisition of GatorHyde, CHEMLINE has been aggressive in supporting the continued growth of the product line and name branding. The integration of GatorHyde products with CHEMLINE’S extensive portfolio of polyurethane, pure and modified polyurea coatings has made the company one of the largest privately held formulators and manufacturers of RAPID CURING spray-on coatings in the world market.

GatorHyde Coatings CollageThe coming years will see steady growth in GatorHyde spray-on technology and as new raw materials emerge from the major producers, CHEMLINE’S R & D Team will take advantage of these materials and a whole NEW GENERATION of GatorHyde, spray applied, protective coatings will be developed. The R&D Team, which consists of over 9 licensed Chemists, will continue to set the High Standard for Quality, Product Innovation, Unique Nitch Market Applications, and above all, Long Term Protection.

Pictures on the right:
Top: GatorHyde ARC used on a storage tank.
Center: ARC Slow Gel on Geo-textile fabric.
Bottom: ARC Slow Gel in waste-water-sewer plant in Fiji.

Today GatorHyde Spray-On protective coatings, product branding, company trade mark and extensive  line of coating systems, has become a serious competitor when it comes to Spray-In Bed liners and other industry applications such as:

  • OEM
  • Work Truck
  • Marine
  • Commercial
  • Light Industrial
  • Mining

GatorHyde DLX application pictures on the right below:
Top 2: Inside of Frack Tank; Center: Outside of Sand Truck; Bottom: Gold mine water separation tank.

GatorHyde Coatings CollageAll GatorHyde spray applied coatings are two component systems that are 100% Solids and contain no (VOC’s) Volatile Organic Compounds. The entire family of GatorHyde products is sprayed through heated, high pressure, plural component pump systems such as manufactured by GRACO, Inc. The products are thoroughly mixed at the very tip of an impingement gun just before the coating impacts the target surface. When sprayed-on the designated substrate, these coatings become tack free in as little as 6 seconds and reach 80% of their cure within a few hours not days.

GatorHyde FAST SET spray-on coatings are resistant to most solvents, many different acids which make them ideal for Industrial, Commercial and Manufacturing Industries.

GatorHyde coatings are extremely versatile and designed for multi-purpose and a wide range of industry applications. All spray applied GatorHyde products exhibit excellent bond strengths to properly prepared surfaces such as:

  • Steel                            •  Metal
  • Aluminum                  ;•  Wood
  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete
  • Plastics
  • Urethane Foam
  • Geo-Textile Fabric

Although today’s Spray-in bed liner industry is highly competitive, GatorHyde has developed a number of certified installers throughout the United States, with new dealers coming on board and joining Team GatorHyde daily. GatorHyde still has financially rewarding dealership programs available, Nationwide. What separates CHEMLINE/GatorHyde from many other companies producing Spray-On Bed liners is that our Certified Installer programs are NOT A FRANCHISE! This means there is NO up-front fee nor any lengthy contract to sign or obligation specifying minimum annual purchase requirements.

GatorHyde also provides an aggressive Marketing and Advertising campaign which includes National Magazine advertisements, publications as well as exhibiting in International Trade Shows. This support is designed to help our certified dealers improve sales, public awareness and continued name recognition in the industry. All promotion is FREE to our dealers, unlike other manufacturers programs that require their dealers to pay a healthy percent of their profits back to them.

Meet the GatorHyde Family of Protective Coatings.

  • Green Gator – Environmentally Friendly, Soy-Based Coating System. Our most economical product, soy-based, and excellent for application over wood or steel, and works great in hot and humid application conditions.
  • GatorHyde CG – Commercial Grade – Our best selling product, easy to process and apply, very tough coating used broadly for Truck Bed Lining and many demanding industrial applications. Very excellent cut and corrosion protection, abrasion resistant, and holds up much better than traditional truck-bed lining materials.
  • GatorHyde ARC and ARC Slow Gel – Pure Polyurea formulations, tougher yet than Commercial Grade. Products are well suited for application to prepared concrete, and the Slow Gel formula well suited for application over geotextile fabrics for secondary containment work.
  • GatorHyde DLX – the World’s Strongest Coating. This product has physical properties that stand well beyond traditional polyurethane and polyurea coatings. Extremely tough and abrasion resistant, and has found application in the most rugged and abrasive mining applications that erode lesser formulations. Strong, yet flexible. Tensile strength beyond 7500 psi, yet elastic. Super strong and super tough.
  • Chemline and GatorHyde are Advanced Master Distributors for GRACO, Inc., and handle all required spray application equipment, and train applicators to ensure professional results.

If you have any question please email us at info@gatorhyde.com