GatorHyde Spray-On Performance

Why should you use GatorHyde?

GatorHyde protective coatings provide significant advantages over conventional paints and other coating and lining systems. Because they are both flexible and tough, they stand up to incredible abuse without failing. Because they adhere so strongly to many different substrates, they provide long lasting corrosion protection from water, salt, and chemicals.

Impact Resistance and Adhesion

Impact Test With Hammer

The sample in Figure 1 is an aluminum plate that has been primed and coated with GatorHyde CG. After using a ball peen hammer to strike the plate, Figure 2 shows the result. Notice that the plate was struck with enough force to dent the aluminum, but the GatorHyde coating system did not crack or disbond. Because the coating is flexible and has a degree of elongation, it can withstand the impact and stretch to remain bonded to the underlying substrate. Paints, epoxies, and standard urethane spray systems will fail from this level of impact, allowing corrosion to begin.

Elongation, Tear Strength, and Adhesion

Concrete Strength Results

The sample in Figure 1 is a standard concrete paver primed and coated with GatorHyde ARC. After using a sledge hammer to strike the sample, Figures 2 and 3 show the result. A concrete paver that had not been coated with GatorHyde would have shattered in many pieces and in many directions. The sample concrete paver that we coated with GatorHyde ARC did indeed shatter into many pieces, but you can see that the GatorHyde coating was strong enough to withstand the impact and remain adhered to the concrete. If the sample paver was part of a larger concrete structure that was coated with GatorHyde ARC, the GatorHyde coating would hold the underlying structure together despite the fact that it would crumble on its own.

Adhesion and Bond Strength

The sample is a steel panel that is primed and coated with GatorHyde CG. The pictures are demonstrating a simple screwdriver test to check for adhesion. Set the Adhesion and Bond Strength Figure 1blade of a flathead screwdriver against the edge of the coating, and hit the screwdriver with a hammer to try to remove the coating from the substrate. With proper preparation and primer, the adhesion strength of the coating should be well in excess of 1000 psi. As you hit the coating with the screwdriver, the coating may come up where impacted, but all surrounding coating will remain strongly adhered.

GatorHyde protective coatings systems stand up to even the toughest impacts and attempts to destroy them. They are extremely durable, rugged and long lasting.

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